Today I spent a portion of my time understanding the ins and outs of news articles. I was informed of a very important feature regarding the information that a news artical has to contain, this was the five W’s:


These five questions are crucial to any news artical due to the fact that they give the reader all of the information that they could possibly need to get the full amount of understanding from the article. Here is an example of the five W’s in effect:

What – A piolet saves 172 lives
Who – Chris Henkey
When – 9th September 2015
Where – Las Vegas
Why – One of the plane engines caught fire

Another aspect of writing a news article is the tag line. These are to be only a sentece long and contain the most important information in order to fully entice the readers into reading the rest of the article. Here is the tag line I created:

‘Fanged couple make the ”most unusual” request a bed maker have ever had in order to fulfil their ”year long dream” of having a double coffin bed in order to rest in peace.’

From this one sentence we get a lot of information, for example:

”Fanged” – shows there is something peculiar about the couple
”Most unusual” request – shows there is something odd about what they requested
”Year long dream” – this is a direct quote from the couple
”Double coffin bed” – explains why the request is they ”most unusual”
”Rest in peace” – shows that I have a very simple sense of humour

Thanks for reading x