Here I have selected three Magazine front covers that I found particularly effective or eye catching.
1st image – NME Magazine

tumblr_n2nc375zUW1tsshdfo1_1280Generally has a target audience of music fanatics that tend to be of a younger age, possibly in the region of being a late teen to a young adult
There is a contrast between the Horrors who are dressed entirely in black and the background which is composed of many vibrant colours. I find this effective because not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it also gives a insight into the music they create. For example they may look dark but that does not necessarily mean their music reflects that.
The lead singers head is covering up a portion of the NME logo, it could be interpreted that this shows the Importance of the band. This is supported by the tag line beneath it that says “The Horrors explain everything about the most anticipated album of 2014”.

2nd Image – The Source Magazine

wutangsource97The target audience of The Source are generally fans of rap music. This genre of music is mainly popular with young adults which seems to be the magazines target audience. However this magazine is also known be be read buy those of a slightly older age due to culture and politics the magazine discusses.
The main thing that i like about this magazine cover is the use of just the Wu-Tang symbol. Whilst the majority of magazine covers have an image of people on the front this one differs. This could be due to the fact that this symbol is immensely popular and one of the most recognisable symbols in the world of music. The magazine capitalises on this and puts the symbol on a black background in order to make the symbol stand out and appear more striking.
The Wu-Tang symbol is enlarged and takes up the majority of the magazine, this makes the symbol hold a great importance in encouraging people to buy the magazine. In most music magazines the front cover advertises the entire issue and normally contains more than one artist advertised (this can be seen in the magazine above). However this magazine capitalises on the popularity and influence of The Wu-Tang Clan at the time of release and decides that “The Second Coming” of Wu-Tang is enough to make people by this issue.

3rd Image – Life Magazine


Life Magazine was generally read by those of a more mature age, possibly ages 30 and up.
My favourite aspect about this magazine cover is the simplicity. In this image Marilyn doesn’t have any advertisements or images around her to entice people to buy the magazine. They simply have what seems to be a natural image of Marilyn presented in a simple black and white design. I understand that this may have been due to the fact that this was printed in 1952 and to do a entirely coloured magazine cover may have been way too costly. But even if this is the case the magazine use this to their advantage by having the small amount of red colour look incredibly striking in front of the black and white image.
The magazine focuses entirely on Marilyn and uses very little text which shows that due to her mass popularity at the time they didn’t need anything else in order to sell their magazine. I feel as though this cover fully supports the “less is more” philosophy to full effect and would be a very big inspiration to me when I get to design a magazine front cover myself.

Thanks for reading x