There are many different communication methods in the media industry. Here is a list of a few: Websites and blogs, Radio News, TV News, Leaflet/Flyer, and Newspapers.

These all have different purposes of communication and within this there are a few different conventions that are associated with said form of communication. Here I will run through the different conventions that are found in these methods of communication and overall purpose of these methods.

Websites/Blogs –  

Purpose –  The purpose of a website/blog can vary, the majority are normally for entertainment purposes. However there are certain websites that are more on the informative side, such as news websites.

Conventions –

  • Written Text
  • Images
  • Bright Colours
  • Personal Opinions
  • Directs Adress

Radio News – 

Purpose – The purpose of Radio News is to inform the listener. There can also be elements of entertainment with things such as music on a radio station, but primarily they aim to inform.

Conventions –

  • Travel News
  • Breaking News
  • Updates
  • Music/Jingles
  • Sport and Business reports

TV News –

Purpose – The purpose of TV news is similar to Radio News. Both have a main purpose of informing the listener but there are also elements of entertainment.

Conventions –

  • News reader
  • Formal appearance
  • Direct address
  • Live footage

Leaflets and brochures –

Purpose – To Inform

  • Facts
  • Contact details
  • Pictures
  • Special Offers