The rule of thirds is a photography term that is basically when the image has a grind in front of it which divides the image up into thirds, or nine squares.
Here is an example of the Rule of Thirds in use in a landscape photo.Picture1

We were told to go out and take pictures of each other trying to utilise the Rule of Thirds grid. There were to be a close up, a middle shot, and a full body shot both in portrait and landscape. Here are the results:

IMG_0138I don’t feel like this photo is as idea as the others because the grid does not line up correctly. However the photo itself is pretty funny, so I thought I’d use it anyway. Next time I would zoom in and go for more a of close up, which is what this photo was intended to be.
This is a good example of a landscape middle shot. Eve is positioned in two thirds of the grid leaving one third free. Also her eyes are in line with the top line of the grid, which is how it should be.


This is an okay example of a landscape fully body shot (although Eve was too scared to look at the camera). She is covering two thirds of the image leaving one third free but her eyes are not positioned on the top line.


This photo is fine example of a portrait close up shot. Eve takes up the majority of the image and her eyes line up very well with the grid.


This is a portrait middle shot of Eve (who’s definitely not a poser). This is probably the best image I took because it fits in so well with the grid. Her eyes are positioned on the top line and she covers two thirds on the grid. 

This is the last image we took. I can promise you this is 100% natural. Wasn’t posing at all… I mean it. It is a portrait full body shot and is pretty accurate because my eyes are in line with the top line. However it would be better If i was positioned a bit more to the left.

Thanks for reading.