5 (could only find 4) pro’s of User Generated Content:

  • Voice – UGC gives people all around the world a voice. Meaning that they can talk about whatever they like and spread their opinion or views whenever they see fit.
  • Upcoming – According to a 2007 study, 94% of american teens asked use the internet. Which means they are indulging in traditional content less and are enjoying UGC such as blogs. Also, according to a 2015 assumption 6% of american teens must be Amish.
  • Simpler – It can be argued that UGC is easier from a site owners perspective because content is witter for you rather than by you
  • Self-policing – The community of a website can play a part in helping to keep abuse and spam at bay.

5 (again, could only find 4) Con’s of user generated content:

  • Credibility – Imagine you have a problem and don’t know who to ask. So you think ”I know, I’ll ask the internet!”. So you go on answers.com and ask for some advice. Let’s say you want an easy way to lose weight, so you ask: ”Does anyone know any easy ways to lose weight really quick?”. All I’m saying is don’t believe it when someone suggests amputation.
  •  Bias – Bias isn’t something that is explicitly told in UGC. For example you may be reading a political blog and it is up to the reader to gauge which information doesn’t hold bias. After all, you are just reading someone else’s views.
  • Moderation – Unless using self-policing it can be hard to keep watch on whether there is illegal activity or abuse being promoted on your website etc.
  • Ownership – It can be hard to understand who actually owns the content on user-generated sites? The host? The user who wrote the content? Both? I don’t know and after half an hour of research I still don’t.

Three websites I like the look of –

  • http://www.religionclothing.com – This website is layed out in a simple fashion with easy to navigate tabs at the top and a black and white colour scheme. The pictures of the clothing models change every few seconds which I think keeps the website interesting. But my favourite thing is the little preying skeleton on the tab… Probably not the best aspect to pick out but it does look really cool.
  • http://www.oddfuture.com – The tabs on this website are peoples faces and when you hover over them the colours invert. But one of the tabs isn’t as face. It is a plane, and when you hover over the plain it explodes… I’m a person of simple pleasures and I found this very pleasing.
  • http://www.nme.com – This website looks pretty similar to the religionclothing one. It’s set out in a simple way and is extremely easy to navigate. Also it uses a lot of picture that change frequently which keep the website interesting.

Thanks for reading x