One aspect of news I regularly keep up to date with is the latest in the world of music. As I was looking on the NME website I found this article entitled:
”The First Reactions To Morrissey’s Novel Are In… And It’s Not Pretty”.

What I like about this article is that it is aimed at a smaller demographic that applies to me. The language used in the article has aspects of intellectuality but also manages to be witty, an example of this is: ”When the more considered website and newspaper reviews began rolling in, they read like Canadian cudgels caving in the fragile baby seal skull of Moz’s literary ambitions.”

Also they use direct quotes from the reviews to back up exactly what they said, for example: Michael Deacon, The Telegraph: “Unreadable.”
Short but sweet right? Actually that sums up this article pretty well. They give you the information needed without going on too much, which is how I like to read my news.

I will say though, this news was pretty hard for me to swallow because I have been waiting to read this book for quite a long time… In fact, I’m not comfortable admitting how upset this made me.