2015 has seemingly been bombarded with mediocre releases and an array of highly anticipated albums that left fans feeling underwhelmed. The Libertines anyone? Oh how excited I was… However not all is lost, 2015 has still managed to spit out a few efforts that I predict one day we will look back on and think “You know what? That was a masterpiece”.

Number Five: The Cribs – For All My Sisters.

The Cribs_For All My Sisters_pack shot small

Wakefield’s finest have never managed to disappoint with any of their previous releases. After a self-imposed hiatus and a drop from their previous record label Wichita Records fans were left wondering if their newest effort would live up to the standards of their other efforts. After countless times of finishing the album and instantly starting it again I can confirm that they undoubtably exceeded expectations with ‘For All My Sisters’. The album contains a wide range of tracks that can either be screamed at the top of your lungs in an arena (Mr. Wrong) or played whilst solemnly looking out of your window late at night (Simple Story). The Cribs deserved to reach worldwide stardom with this release and when that day inevitably comes people will look back on this album and agree when I tell them it is truly the best example of gritty guitar based music that exists in our time.
Key Track – Simple Story

Number Four: Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds – Chasing Yesterday


I dare any one of you to listen to the lyrics on this album and not feel like they were written for you. What makes Noel so special is his ability as a songwriter and there is no debating the talent that he possesses. Chasing Yesterday contains tracks that are the finest songwriting work that he has ever done. If you put “The Dying of The Light” up against any song from Oasis’ ‘Heathen Chemistry’ then it will make you question why that album got to number one. Don’t get me wrong, Oasis were a unreal band and I am a fan of all of their releases, but this album shows how Noel Gallagher has aged like the finest of wine and fermented in all of the right ways. He is not afraid to experiment either, which is what makes this album so special. ‘The Right Stuff’ is one of those songs that you owe to yourself to listen to in the comfort of your bed with earphones in. Don’t let anything distract you and take in all of the perfectly placed sounds that will bless your ear lobes. It is truly remarkable and deserves to be remembered as the highest point of his career.
Key Track – ‘The Right Stuff”

Number Three: Tame Impala – Currents


Riddle me this: How do you follow up an album such as ‘Lonerism’? Seems Impossible right? Wrong. Tame Impala have done it again. Now, I will say that this album is not as good as ‘Lonerism. But that’s okay because its highly possible that nothing they do will ever beat that album. However, that should by no means distract you from just how amazing this new album actually is. If you listen to it with an open mind and don’t expect it to leave a scratch on Lonerism then you will enjoy it just as much as I did. I know I sound really contradictory by saying that it isn’t as good as Lonerism, but the question is how can you expect it to be? That album was one of those special albums that come alone one in a blue moon, but the catch is, so is Currents. I feel as though Currents biggest fault is it’s past. If Lonerism never existed and Currents was in its place the album would still achieve the same level of acclaim that Lonerism did.
Key Track – ”Eventually”

Number Two: Kendrick Lamarr – To Pimp A Butterfly


This album has already been called a masterpiece by many, and it couldn’t be more deserving. The album fuses elements of jazz and lyrics that make you socially aware with kendricks signature rapping style to such an impressive extent. One thing that I love the most about this album is the different themes it covers. Tracks such as “u” tap into the darker side of kendricks story telling whilst “i” completely flips that on its head, this contrast was nothing short of intentional because the albums teaches how we can go from “u” to “i” yet there is always potential to go back to “u”… If that doesn’t make sense then listen to the album. It’d be impossible to regret it.                                           Key track – “hood politics”

Number one: I don’t like shit, I don’t go outside – Earl Sweatshirt

 Wow. Just wow. Every time I listen to this album that is all I can say. So far I have listened to this album every day since it has been released and I still cannot see myself getting bored of it. The themes of addiction, family problems and depression have never been documented in a more intelligent and honest manner. The album sounds as though it comes from a seriously dark place, but that’s fine because we all get caught in that place from time to time. Another thing that makes this album so special is the lyrics which could easily be mistaken for poetry if you just read it without the music. Earl did something truly special with this album, and I fear that nothing of this genre will ever surpass the masterpiece that is this album. But you know what? I’m fine with that. I’ll always be fine with that.