For –

  •  People, especially children are very susceptible to being influenced by what they watch or see happen throughout their lives.
  • Children are very vulnerable – surveys conducted by the American Association of Pediatrics and the Federal Department of Health showed a direct correlation between violence in the media and being abusive and secluded in adolescent years
  • Dialog which attacks or degrades a certain race/ religion or group of people. This can cause a massive uproar.
  • People have been known to be influenced by media and act out on what they have seen. For example the ‘Natural Born Killers’ obsessed son that murdered his parents.
  • Advertisement of things like cigarettes should be limited because of the harm it causes to the human body. Also children are easily influenced by the glorification of things like cigarettes.

Against –

  • Media such as film and music is a form of art and people should be allowed to express this art form in any way they want to.
  • Media which can be seen as too violent or too disturbing doesn’t turn people into murderers or whatever. It just attracts people that are interested in that kind of art form.
  • Censorship negates freedom of speech.
  • People deserve to be aware of what happens in the world. If someone murdered an entire school of children it isn’t fair to hide the rest of the kinds in the world from it. They deserve to be aware of things like this because they are real.
  • Just because there is potential that one person my listen to a ‘violent’ song or watch a inappropriate film and act out because of it, it isn’t fair to prohibit the thousands of people who don’t act out and take it for what it is. Fiction.