1. Rationale

I have chosen to do a music magazine because it is the genre of magazine that I am most interested in. I aim to entertain my audience and inform them of a new up and coming Sheffield band – The Ruby Blues. My target audience is young people around the age of 16-21 who have an interest in the circuit of young and underground bands. I will be using the skills I have gathered over the past few weeks to produce high quality images of the band and an interview with them.

  1. Project Concept

I have agreed to go and interview the band tomorrow at their recording studio. I will be taking individual landscape photos of each band member in front of a graffiti wall and then a group photo of them all. I will make use of the Aperture setting on the camera when taking the individual shots to show the rest of the band behind the one I am focusing on but blurred because I feel like this would be effective and eye catching. I Have written a series of questions for the band and I am going to record the whole interview then do a transcript of it later. Here are the questions:

  • How did it feel reaching number 1 on the iTunes blues chart?
  • Soon you’ll be doing a gig with a pretty big band (slaves) how does that feel?
  • Any tips for new bands?
  • Will you be releasing a new music video any time soon?
  • How do you compare to some of the Sheffield greats?
  • Been named as ‘’One of Sheffield’s most respected and supported bands’’. How does it feel to have the support of the city?
  • Do you think your look is as important as your music?
  • IS there going to be an album or EP any time soon?
  • Ideally where would you like to be as a band?
  • What’s next for the Rubies?

The interview is completed. Some of the questions were edited out to keep it at a reasonable length. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR9sN0YQpEs

3. Review

For the review section I will be also be writing a review of one of the bands gigs. This is because I want the majority of the content I produce for this project to all link together in some way.