Religion is seen as a touchy subject. So before I start I would like to make it very clear that I am accepting and supportive of all types of people no matter what their race or religious views. This is merely my humble (possibly outspoken) opinion from the mind of a boredom riddled teenager.

First of all I’d like to outline my religious views: I do not believe there is a God. However, I am open to the possibility of there being one. The thing is, I know full well that I would be an awful religious person. This is not because I’m a bad person, I actually try to be the best person I can possibly be, it’s just because I’m not committed enough.

Let’s say to earn a place in heaven you have to follow all of the rules the bible gives you (I am using Christianity as an example because it is the one I’ve been brought up around) and every time you break one you have to make up for it, or confess. Just imagine how hard that would be. It is something that I know I couldn’t do. The bible contains so many rules and contradictions that I don’t think anyone could. But in all honesty, that’s not my point.

The bible was written by man and can contain human error, so I’ll accept that that is why there may be contradictions. My point is that no one who is a Christian expects to not go to heaven. You may think that sounds stupid, But think about it: The KKK practise Christian teachings, they thoroughly believe that they are correct in what they think and when they die they will go to heaven. Are they going to heaven? Of course not. Whereas me on the other hand, I may be a lot of things but I can tell you that one thing I am not is a colossal racist. So surely I should be going to heaven right? If you ask the KKK they will probably say no. Sad times.

My point here is that surely we should be judged on our actions as people. To me that makes the most sense. But anyway, on to the next point: I really hope there is a God. Sounds contradictory right? Wrong. I can fully justify this. I’ve already said there are bad Christians (and people of any religion) but what about the good Christians? These people are the ones I truly take my hat off to. Some of these people have nothing in the world, no money, no possessions, nothing. But they have one thing: Hope. There’s something pretty beautiful in that.

These are the kind of people that truly need a God in their life, whereas I don’t necessarily need one. I’ve got every necessity that I need in life and truthfully I think it’d be rude to ask for more. So if there is a God I don’t want him to worry about me. I want him to focus on the people that truly need him in their life.

In summary I’d say that we generalise too much these days. You’ve got to remember that yes there is a lot of bad in the world, but there’s also a hell of a lot of good. People always seem to forget that. It’s sad really.

Thanks for reading x