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A website I really admire is Tumblr. This is because the website is aesthetically pleasing and is meant for people who are creative. The website contains a lot of user created content of many different kinds such as photography and blogs. The way that Tumblr displays these images is very appealing to me – although I feel like I would like to display my images in a more structured for rather than asymmetric. This is due to the fact that the website looks a bit too childish and my ideal website would be a bit more bolder.

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This is an initial plan of my website that I am creating. This is fairly simple first plan because I think it is wise to not over complicate things at this early stage. These boxes are where my articles/content will potentially be.

One thing I would like to incorporate is the use of states. I’d like to have the images in black and white until you hover over them and then some colour will be brought to the image.

Another thing I am going to incorporate into my website is the logo I designed a while ago. I like the idea of using it because its personal and something you won’t see anywhere else, which I think is important because this website is intended to show a bit of personality and individuality. vermilion logo 2

The first thing I did is create a kind of introduction page. This was inspired from video game websites that require you to be over 18. These ask you to confirm if you are old enough to view the content but normally have an ‘enter’ or ‘confirm’ button. I liked the idea of using something like this because it enabled me to write a short explanation about what kind of content would be on the website.

The images below show the process I went through in order to complete the website. I made a template for my articles which I looked like the image on the top right. Then it was just a matter of placing the content into the empty spaces and repeating the process.