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I decided to use a colour scheme that was primarily black and white because I thought that would fit in with the style of the band which I have tried to show with the black and white image of them.  However, I didn’t want it to look overly bleak or boring which is why I added the red R and blue B as a kind of background colour to compliment the black and white. This was also done to make the title of the article ”We’re pretty hard to miss” stand out and be more eye catching to the audience. I feel as though black is a really striking colour and I wanted it to catch a readers eye if they were just flicking past. Also, I made the title different font sizes and nonlinear in order to give it a disjointed feel in order to give the impression that this isn’t your conventional band.

When taking the image I instructed the person on the right (Bower) to look away from the camera. This was done in order to show a kind of disinterest from the band. Also, with the person on the right (Spen) I instructed him to look at the camera and just act natural. This was done in order to signify that the band isn’t your normal poppy kind of group that will smile and pose for the cameras. They are also situated in front of a graffiti wall to give the impression that their environment is as gritty as their music which is an expression of self. I think gritty is the perfect word to describe how I tried to convey them in this double page spread.

The title is a direct quote from the interview and I used quotation marks to show this. This was because I wanted people to be interested about the context of the quote. This may then encourage them to read the article. I picked out questions that had the most interesting responses and made sure each band member had a chance to speak. I separated the questions and responses from each other in order to make the article more accessible and easy to follow for the reader.

Overall I think I’ve done a good job at designing a double page spread that is both good on the eyes and quite interesting to read. I’m really pleased with my work.