When planning how I was going to conduct this news bulletin I decided that I was going to make my bulletin revolve around music because this is a topic I am really interested in. I had to take into consideration that news bulletins are really short. So I had to make sure that I kept my scripts and interviews really short in order to fit it all the short amount of time that I had. Apart from this there was also the minor worry of finding someone who was willing to be interviewed, but this turned out to not be a problem in them end. Other than that there was no other constraints. Overall I feel that my planning and research was successful and there wasn’t much that I could’ve improved upon.


I did a lot of research on what news bulletins actually sound like. This meant I was listening to BBC radio 4 in order to get an understanding of the pacing and tone of voice to use when reading out my bulletin.Another thing I did was research what was the latest news in the world of music. This involved looking through a lot of websites such as the NME, I then picked out which news was the most relevant or interesting to report on and wrote a short script that included these stories. I had to include an interview in my bulletin so I kept with the musical theme by asking people what was their ”happy song” because the week I was recording was meant to be the ‘most depressing week of the year’. I feel as though I did a significant amount of research to complete and record my bulletin effectively. I had gathered a good understanding of how bulletins should sound and how what kind of content that they should contain.

The Product

I feel as though my finished product definitely fits is purpose. I feel as though I recorded it well and spoke clearly and cohesively witch is really important. Although Something that could’ve been improved upon was the fact that I didn’t record it in a completely silent room. At one point during the recording you can hear the noise of a door closing which was something I only noticed when listening to the recording back. This really got on my nerves and if I was going to complete this project again I would definitely make sure I worked to make sure this didn’t happen again. This project definitely helped to improve my editing skills, it also improved my skills with Garage Band. This was because I wanted to add some background music to the recording to make it seem more professional because this was something that a lot of music radio stations incorporate into their bulletins. My audience research told me that the interview was clear, informative and edited well but I could’ve reduced the sound of the background music and noise that occurred during recording.


In conclusion I would say that I did a pretty good job of recoding my own radio news bulletin. One thing I would definitely improve upon if I was going to do it again would be the actual recoding and ensuring that there was no background noise to make the finished product more professional. But overall I am happy with my product.