I wouldn’t say I had a well thought out plan of how I exactly wanted the website to look but this is because I like to try loads of different things before I finally settle on something, so if I did have a full plan I know full well that the website would end up looking nothing like it. This however did turn out to be an effective way of ‘planning’ my website because I am very happy with how it turned out.

I will admit that I would’ve liked more time to refine things and simply add much more content to the website because even though it contains everything the criteria said it has to contain it still feels a bit bare to me.  This only occurred to me after I finished the website within the deadline. So I wouldn’t say that I am unhappy with the website at all, because I wouldn’t have submitted it otherwise. I suppose this is why people plan there work before they start doing it, but like I’ve said planning doesn’t always work for me and I prefer to just create.


Before I started creating my website I researched some other website that I liked the look of in order to get some inspiration for mine. I quite like the look of how tumblr displays images for blog posts or other content and I’d say that is an inspiration for how I wanted to show mine. This was an effective means of research because it helped me to understand how a website should be set out and how a website like mine should operate. Obviously, I wanted to add personality to the website and I feel as though that’s what I did.

I don’t think like I should’ve done any more research because if I did i feel as though I would’ve become overwhelmed with ideas and tried to fit too many different elements into the website. Also, if I had done more research I definitely still would feel like I could’ve added more I am very self critical and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to being creative. During the creation of my website I tried to do some research of video game website that have a age rating of 18+. This was because they normally require you to enter your date of birth and confirm you want to enter the website (however these sites are blocked in college so I couldn’t research it) and I rather liked the idea of this. So I put my own spin on it and made it as a kind of introductory page to the website, which I feel was turned out pretty effective.

The Product

I think that my product does fit it’s purpose by being interactive and personal to me. If I was to do the website again I would add a lot more content and just try to expand on everything. When creating this website I learnt a much greater understanding on how to use Muse and how to make the process of using it much easier for myself. Muse can be quite overwhelming but I feel as though I have a full understand of how to operate it and make the use of it much easier.

I feel as though the website would appeal to it’s target audience because it is full of personality and I feel as though if they are interested in what the website has to offer then there is no reason for it to not because they website is user easy to navigate and very original.

My audience feedback showed that the website is easy to follow, intricate, and original. The criticisms given stated that the website is a bit dark and a better font could’ve chosen. However, these are a matter of preference and the actually functionality of the website is fine.


Overall I am extremely proud of my website. However if I was to do the website again I would fill it with a lot more content.