When planning what kind of video I would like to make I had the original idea that I was going to record a trailer for a Mockumentary. I wrote a script and planned out each scene/camera shot that I was going to film. However this turned out to be utterly ineffective due to the face that this plan didn’t end up coming to fruition. The problem was that my friend who was going to appear in the video couldn’t find the time to come back to sheffield, and when he did have the time, I didn’t. So time constraints was a massive problem with me, because if I was given more time I could’ve completed the video that I wanted to. In the end I was lucky enough to have recorded a interview with a band in my spare time and was able to edit that down and use that. This was incredibly lucky because if I had not recorded this interview I would’ve been fully out of ideas because my mind was entirely set on making this work. This shows that I definitely could’ve planned a lot more effectively.


When researching how I could fix my Mockumentary trailer in the best way possible I watched a lot of trailers for Documentaries on youtube to give me an understanding of the content that should be in them. Another thing I did was research a array of different camera shots and filming techniques that every filmmaker should know. Obviously a lot of these were not relevant to what I was recording but it definitely gave me an insight into the world of film making and how I could maximise the appeal of what was going to be my trailer. I did a large amount of research for this because it was an entirely new world for me to be exploring so I literally spent hours researching and planning exactly how I wanted this to look because I was really passionate about the project.

The Product

The final product sadly isn’t the Mockumentary trailer that I was intending it to be. But this does not mean that I am not happy with my finished product. The interview still showcases the ability I have to film and edit a video. I don’t feel it shows my abilities as well as the trailer does, but it still shows something. The video could’ve been improved by having better lighting in the room when recording, the video is still clear and bright but the shadows you can see on the members of the band’s faces really bothers me. Overall I feel that the video is pretty solid. There is one editing hiccup but this was done because the the lead singer had a speaking hiccup. I felt that because the band were always in the same position I could get away with it. My audience feedback told me that the interview is good, easy to follow, and interesting. However they did pick up on the fact that the lighting could’ve been better and maybe some music would have improved it. I completely agree with this feedback and these are two things I am definitely going to improve upon if ever I do something like this again.


If I was to do this all over again I would definitely improve upon my planning in order to ensure that I can create the product that I aspire to. I am happy with the interview because was extremely proud of myself when I first recorded and edited it, but my initial idea would’ve definitely been better.