Remember the days in 1999 when Tony Hawk’s Pro skater was released and the world literally went insane for skateboarding? An entire generation of kids were inspired to pick up a board and start skating. Naturally, that generation is a lot older now and many things have changed. The sport has evolved, the games have lost notability and of course the fashion has changed.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of brands such as DC and Element who were at the peak of their fame in the 90’s. Skateboarders everywhere would seen clad in a pair of DC shoes, it was simply the standard back then. Baggy clothes, shorts, backpacks: these were all things you’d see around your local skate parks and cities. But this fashion seems to feel really dated now and there’s a reason for that. Skating and music have always gone hand in hand and the nineties was full of bands such as Papa Roach, CKY, and Rage Against the Machine which were all loved by skaters. As any musician will tell you, music is a reflection of self and musicians have to keep up their image. Basically this grungy, jagged and sometimes dark music had to be reflected by fashion. Obviously there was influences by other things and other music such as rap (I’ll get to that) but I’m sure you understand what I’m getting at. Skaters in the 90’s were influence by these bands and these kind of people, which shows why they dressed the way they did.

So how come brands such as Golden which we featured in this issue have adopted more of a colorful and artistic vibe when creating their clothing?

Well the skateboarding scene kind of fizzled away for a bit but recently it has changed massively with rap groups such as Odd Future bringing skating back to prominence. This is a consistent theme that caught on with other famous rappers such as Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Hopsin. So in the same way that the 90’s skating fashion was fuelled by the aforementioned bands, the current fashion has expanded on that and drew influences from the modern day and it’s fair to say that Golden is the rising star of the scene. Turn over to see our interview with the minds behind Golden.