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FMP Evaluation

Reflective Journal –


Today I wrote my action plan for my project. This continued an overview of what I am going to do what my project on, what I plan for it to look like in the early stages and some inspiration to help me achieve this. I feel like i know exactly where my project is going and what I am going to do it about which is good because its helpful to be confident with your ideas at a early stage. I would say that I could’ve written a lot more and set myself deadlines to finish things because time is not something I am good with. Also I should’ve conducted a broader range of research because I am prone to changing my idea design wise.


Today I created a research portfolio that contains a lot of inspiration and ideas for my project. I have expanded my horizons and researched a new kind of pop art style/direction to take my magazine in. This is because it’s become pretty normal for me to do my designs and word in a black and white, gritty kind of style. So I’ve decided I want to turn that on its head. I’m going to go for bright colours and pretty over edited. I think I could be more specific by saying how exactly I am going to achieve this with my research, but I’m not really sure at the moment – I am dying to try it out though. I’d say that this has made me learn that it’s important to try new things and it can actually be pretty exciting.


This week I compiled all of my ideas into a power point presentation and presented them to my tutor and class. I feel as though this went really well because even though I wasn’t sure exactly which direction I wanted to take my magazine in yet because I was still experimenting with the new idea I thought of last week. When presenting my power point I told everyone about the new idea I had and how that was most likely going to be the direction that I take my magazine in. But I also talked about my initial ideas and how I originally thought I would be doing my magazine. I feel as though this is something that I did well because it showed to everyone that I am constantly trying to better myself and my ideas. I feel as though I could’ve made the presentation longer and explained why I feel I wanted to try something new better. I feel as though I could’ve elaborated on how skate fashion has changed a lot better and linked this to why I’ve changed some ideas for my design. I have learnt that presenting your ideas to a group of people can really help cement the ideas in your brain. This is probably due to the fact that I wanted to show everyone that I had good ideas and I am confident in them, so when I was talking about them without being fearful of getting embarrassed if someone doesn’t like my ideas it gave me more confidence in what I had. I still feel it would be helpful to conduct some proper research on this idea and compile some examples of things that inspire me.


I’ve spent most of my time lately just doing research. Something I noticed what that the Andy Warhol magazine front cover I found was pretty much a one of a kind. This left me feeling as though I was at a lose end and so I decided to expand my research into different areas. This proved to be very useful because I ended up looking at some Charlie Hebdo magazines which were all really colourful and vibrant. I love the use of the bright colours and I feel as though this style is something I would want to explore. I’ve noticed that I haven’t  done any audience research yet which is a really valuable thing for me to find out in order to know exactly who my magazine is going to reach. This is definitely going to be the next thing that I do before anything else. I noticed that you can really draw influence from anything. At the start of this project I would’ve never imagined I’d be using a French satirical cartoon style magazine as one of mu influences but really it’s taught me to expand my horizons.


The main thing that spent my time doing this week was finding some really strong audience research as well as starting my design for my front cover. Because my magazine has a lot to do with skating I thought it would be wise to research the demographics of thrasher magazine when it was in its prime in order to get a good understanding of who would be reading a popular skateboarding magazine. Also, I have decided to design my front cover before either of the spreads because I want to show GoldeN and their friends what they think of it in order to get feedback and see if these people who are the kind that would read a magazine to do with skating would be attracted to it.

A few days have past. I finished my front cover and conducted the research I mentioned which went really well. It has fully cemented my ideas and convinced me I am taking my magazine in the right direction. Now I just have to focus on making my double page spreads up to the standard of the front cover.


I began designing my first double page spread which contains my article about the evolution of skate clothing. I aim to get this finished by the end of this week. I do like what I have designed so far but I feel as though I need to do something a little bit more. At this stage it doesn’t look up to standard.

I have decided I am going to make this one look more like what you’d expect from your classic skateboarding magazine because the article itself is about skateboard fashion and I want to show a little bit of variety with my magazine. After researching some old thrasher double page spreads I have now finished the design and I am really proud of it. I didn’t really run into any problems while designing this other than it not being up to my own standards. At the end of it all I am very proud of how it looks. Time to move on to my other double page spread.


The image I am using for this has a lot of potential but I have decided I know longer want to include the mass amount of graffiti in the image. I tried to Photoshop  the person out of the image but this proved to be very difficult because of his beard. Then I got the idea to replicate the same style as my front cover and it has turned out really good. I feel as though this style works so well for a brand such as Golden because it subtly show that the clothing is universal and can be worn by anyone. Also it supports their point that they want their clothing to be seen as art as well as clothing which they mention in their interview.

I learnt that it’s important to be confident in your abilities and any wall that you hit can be solved by utilising your creative muscles and believing in your abilities. If I had given up with the image and scrapped my ideas I don’t know what stage I’d be at right now.


This week has been sent assembling all of my work together and adding the finishing touches necessary to ensure that they are as good as their going to get. I must admit the problems I have had are mainly to do with my organisation. If I had organised my work better and kept all of my research/findings in the same place this week would’ve been a lot less stressful. I spent some time looking back over my cover and spreads to ensure I haven’t made any silly mistakes that may hinder my marks design wise. I also spent a lot of time making sure I have kept in line with all of the codes and conventions that magazines are meant to abide by.


I have received a lot of positive feedback on my designs which has filled me full of confidence. There is still some more work for me to do tying all of my research together but this is not much. Also I have began writing my evaluation which should be done in the next week. I am at the very end of my project now so I feel like there really isn’t much for me to reflect on any more. My feedback proved to be very positive which meant I don’t feel as though I need to change anything, it is simply just time for me to get everything finished now.