GoldeN FMP – PDF of Final Production

When creating my front cover I started off with the image on the left. The first thing that I noticed about it was how bland and dull that it looked. When I had finally decided the direction I wanted to take my magazine in I began experimenting with editing the image to bring out the colours and make it look vibrant. This was a simple process of putting the image into Photoshop and adjusting the RGB levels. I ended up with the image in the middle and at first I was perfectly happy with this image. I knew that the image looked over edited but that was the look that I was going for so it didn’t bother me much until I noticed the yellowing skin tone on the neck. I was trying my best to fix this in Photoshop but the only way for me to make it work was to lose the blue shaded effect that the image has. I could tell this wasn’t working out so I went back to researching in order to find a solution. I found myself looking at a lot of Charlie Hebdo front covers and I really admired the vibrancy of the colours and how their all hand drawn. From this I decided to remove the persons head and draw it on myself in Photoshop. Along with this I maxed out the intensity of the colours in order to give it a cartoony effect. I then looked at lot of Julian Opie’s art and I really admired how his drawn portraits looked and that solidified the idea of drawing Isaac’s head on. Then it was just a case of adding the Vook logo, bar-code and the menu.

With this double page spread I wanted to keep the same kind of design as my front cover by utilising this cartoony effect. So I cut just the T-shirt out of the image and put it on an all grey background. I then repeated the process that I did with the front cover by layering the image over itself and drawing around the head. I decided to keep the hat the way it is with because it just didn’t look as nice when I drew around it. I then used a really large brush in Photoshop to make the yellow part of the spread. This was done to make the spread stand out more because without it the spread just looked rather bland and unfinished. I then used the GoldeN word logo for the title and the bear logo to put behind my text. I feel as though this made it look much more complete. My inspiration for this was mainly the same as my front cover.  I feel as though I used the front cover I created to inspire myself to design this.

The first thing that I did with this image was bring out the whites in order to get rid of the shading on his face. The image looks really dull without anything being done to it. I then made the background a really bright grey because if it was white the background would blend with the shirt too much and look unprofessional . So by making it a really bright grey you eliminate the risk of the t shirt and background blending and it still looks really clean. I then decided that it looked too boring for me and it needed something else done to it. So I created my own shape in Photoshop and stretched it across the whole spread. The idea what to fill in the parts that the shape didn’t fill. After many different shapes I finally found one that I was happy with and I filled the space in yellow. Then I chose a font that looked like graffiti but not your classic awfully done graffiti you see on random places. I wanted one that looked pretty artistic and I eventually settled for the one I used. I decided I wanted to have this title overlap the yellow and grey because it gave it a kind of jagged feel to it. It goes well with the subject matter of the article because skateboarding has always been seen as really urban. Finally I put a transparent GoldeN crown behind my text to prevent it from feeling too bare. I experimented with different ways of laying out my text but nothing worked as well as the three columns. I feel as though because I have so much going on with the design It ended up looking rather cluttered and over complicated whereas the three column layout looks well organised and neat.