A webzine is an online magazine published on the internet. These differ to e-zines because they contain a lot more content whereas e-zines are normally short magazines or newsletters distributed electronically. Webzines share traits with online blogs or newspapers, however a webzine is more likely to be written about a specific subject nike a online newspaper which will cover a broad range. Something else that differentiates webzines from blogs is the fact that a webzine will have the same team of publishers and people ensuring the content is up to the standards of the regular magazine they’ve published in the past (if thats the case). Whereas a blog is normally just one person uploading content they enjoy.

Webzines can either be done in a classic HTML version which resembles classic web pages, or they can used flash to show things such as the turning page motion. This is called a digital dual format. Webzines have the potential to reach larger audiences than print. This is due to the fact that anyone with an internet connection can technically find and view your webzine. Also, because a webzine is on the internet this allows for user participation. What I mean by this is the internet allows user to share content with each other much easer. It also allows for people to use things such as Facebook to give their opinion on it.

A huge advantage of webzines is convenience. They can be accessed by anyone at any given time as long as they have a internet connection and some kind of device such as a phone or computer. Webzines also allow creators a lot more freedom because you don’t have to worry about things such as ad space or condensing your content down in order to fit all of it on a single page.