Remembering Alt Seen Eye

One of my favourite shops in Sheffield, Alt Seen Eye is sadly closing down in January. What made this shop so appealing to me was the whole feel of the place. When you walked in the door you were greeted with heaps of personality.

The shop was full with tonnes of art, independent clothing and music from local artists. The amount of aspiring creators that this shop helped out is endless. They gave a platform for young entrepreneurs to be seen, heard and supported.

Isaac, 20, co-owner of Sheffield brand GoldeN clothing spoke on the matter: ”The shop helped out so many people. Especially us. All the shop wanted to do was lend a hand to people with ideas and expect almost nothing in return. The largest majority of the sales GoldeN made in 2015 came from being in that shop. We and a lot of other people owe them a lot to be honest.”

I managed to speak to the owner of Alt Seen Eye, Nicole who I asked why the store was closing down and if she had any plans to continue: ”The shops just run its course that’s all. It was a project and a very successful one at that but it’s time to move on from the Alt Seen Eye at Church Street. We might be moving to London road. I think that’s a better place for this kind of shop. But at the same time I like to try a lot of different things and I may decide to just follow a different road”.

I wholeheartedly hope Nicole decides to keep the shops legacy going strong. A shop such as this is a one of a kind and we’d like to wish Nicole and everyone represented by the shop all the best for the future.