Ones to watch in 2017: Otis Mensah

2016 has been a big year from young Sheffield rapper Otis Mensah. He has released two major projects his mixtape ‘Days Over Damson’ and his Concept EP ‘Computers Outside’. In both of these projects he has displayed a huge amount of talent and potential to become successful in the music industry.

The music video for his track ‘Day Dream’ has racked over 11,000 views on YouTube and it is something I highly recommend that you listen to. His use of samples from the 1991 film ‘Slacker’ and even a line from biggie show that his music is a direct influence of his world, which is something I always look for in artists.

On these two projects the production and overall sound is some of the most professional I’ve heard from a very young, independent UK rapper.  Every track is polished and rehearsed to perfection, and his flow is undeniably solid.

In 2016 Otis has played a handful of live shows in Sheffield he is constantly growing, gaining more experience as an artist and developing his sound as such. 2017 should be a big year for him, in my opinion he deserves it, he had this to say when we spoke to him: ”2016 was a big year for me. I did my first live show and a load after that. I released those two projects that caught more attention that I ever could’ve thought”.

”It feels good to be getting a little bit of recognition. It makes you want to give back. That’s why I’m going to be working hard to make the best kind of music I can for the people who support me”.

If you’d like to listen to some of his music you can find it here: