The (re)rise of Vinyl Records:

Vinyl Records are for the most part seen as a thing of the past. More efficient ways of listening to music such as CD, MP3 and digital streaming have since overtaken Vinyl. However, in 2015 sales of Vinyl records were the highest they have ever been since 1996, and in 2016 they were even higher.

When you take into consideration that the majority of people can access the entire of the worlds library of music at their fingertips this is actually pretty amazing. It makes me wonder why this sudden surge in sales has happened.

It can be argued that Vinyl is the superior way to listen to music because it a lossless format. In order to store music on a CD or online it needs to be compressed. By doing this you run the risk of losing the true sound of the record. In fairness, you’re probably not going to notice the difference.

This is my reason for buying Vinyl records. Honestly, it makes me appreciate the album more. I met Theo, 48, from Sheffield in LP record store. He’s been collecting records for over 30 years and he had this to say about the sudden rise: ”My sons fascinated by them. He’s 17 and he’s always used Spotify to listen to music. But he’s started to buy his own Vinyl’s because he thinks they’re cool. He’s used to seeing CD’s everywhere but it baffles him that this is how older generations listened to music”.

He then phoned his son Matthew, 17 also from Sheffield who followed this up with: ”I love music and I’ve never once walked into a Record store and seen a Vinyl from little mix or some rubbish like that. I’ve discovered so much new music from Vinyl’s and just from looking at them it make me appreciate the production and the work that goes into them”.

Honestly, this was the kind of response I was really hoping to find. Truthfully, lots of people could be buying Vinyl’s because they think they’re cool and not because they actually want to enjoy the music. But is this actually a bad thing? The money they spend in some part will go back to the artists and support the industry.

Even if the conclusion we can come to on this topic are that people think Vinyl’s are cool and retro mania is the reason that they’re popular again, I’d say this is a good thing. Supporting the artist is imperative. Go buy yourself a cool portable record player and enjoy some nostalgia.