Living in the moment is an odd thing. Generally, this means you live without thinking about consequences or without worry. It’s got a hopeless kind of feeling to it, but that hopeless feeling is what gives this lifestyle its appeal. Maybe it’s just a young thing. Many young people are in a position where they’re not really sure what they want to do. Also, it’s kind of scary being an age where you have to accept growing up and start doing things your parents normally do. Such as paying bills or operating the fuse box when the unbranded toaster you paid a fiver for trips all the electricity in your flat. We all have to go through this though, so good luck getting that little bit of sympathy you were expecting.

There’s no definitive directive or perfect approach to living. But as well as this you should know yourself well enough to know what you’re capable of. If you decide at the age of 16, 18, 25 or 35 that you need change there’s nothing really stopping you other than yourself. This is where living in the moment comes in. Humans are for the most part notoriously cautious and terrified of making a mistake. There’s something about the fear of appearing stupid that effects each and every one of us. That deep thud that crushes your chest, the cold anxious sweats that take over your whole body and that loud internal scream that bellows: “why the hell did you say that?’’. It’s normal. It’s human.

Let me get something clear though. Living in the moment doesn’t mean quitting your job, buying a camper van and driving around Europe searching for something you haven’t figured out yet. We don’t live in books and that would be an awful idea anyway. What I mean is embrace every situation you find yourself in. That is the only true way to live in the moment. Because let’s face it if we were to follow every little impulse that our brain gives us non of us would’ve made it this far. What I mean is be prepared to make mistakes, don’t spend your time worrying about the little things because not only is that a dull way to live, it’s also so limiting for you as a person.