Review – Mick Jenkins Live at Bungalows and Bears Sheffield.

As a lover of all things rap I was equally ecstatic as I was surprised to hear American rapper Mick Jenkins would be performing in my home town of Sheffield. The show took place at Bungalows and Bears, a rather small venue for someone who’s toured with the likes of Method Man and Redman. Mick opened with ‘’Jazz’’, one of his more well known tracks which set the mood well with its subtle tones and atmosphere. It became clear to me that this wasn’t going to be a regular show where you find people bouncing around the room screaming how great this is, Mick’s music is more sophisticated than that. Instead Mick encouraged us to vibe and feed off of each others energy. With the release of his debut album The Healing Component which promotes love and discusses the different kinds of love there is, I expected this. But what I didn’t expect was for him to sound so similar. On Mick’s records he consistently has a low, almost raspy voice which I was surprised to hear translated so well to a live show. His voice never got lost in the music and never sounded like he was being drowned out. The live drums were also a nice addition that gave the performance an authentic feeling.


Around half way through the show a fight broke out in the audience. This seemed to annoy Mick and ruin the vibe he’d created for the last half an hour. The show seemed to take a bit of a dip from here on. Mick never really seemed to be able to return the show to the standard that he set. Audience communication seemed to dip which ended up with Mick calling out fans who thought they were ‘’too cool’’ to put there hands up or shout his lyrics back to him. At this point things became bittersweet. The first half an hour was incredible, and even though the end of the show was very strong, once the energy was lost we was never really able to get it back fully again.


Overall, Mick Jenkins is an excellent artist as well as a performer. It is just such a pity that a special show such as thing has to be ruined by a few people in the crowd that clearly didn’t realise what they were paying to see.