I have produced five news stories, a review, a blog and a mobile journalism package. In this report I will be evaluating the work I have done and discussing how they hold up as genuine pieces of journalistic copy.

First of all I had to brainstorm what kind of stories I would enjoy reading. I wanted these stories to appeal to young people who enjoy news outlets such as Vice, Highsnobiety and Complex. Because these are the outlets that I enjoy I thought that brainstorming what I would enjoy to read would be a good starting point because I am a part of the target audience.

When choosing my stories I tried to give a good variety of content in order to show that I can do a lot of different things. For example I did a story about Legal Highs in Prisons and how accessible they are. The people who spoke in the article were unnamed, as agreed, but they were my older brother, and a friend I grew up with. I went to visit as normal, sourced a pen and paper and spoke to them. I chose to do this story because I think it holds a good about of journalistic value and people will definitely find it interesting how prisoners can so easily access these drugs due to how shocking it actually is. I didn’t ask anything they didn’t feel comfortable answering and told them both if there’s anything they didn’t want me putting in the article. Their names was one thing they both didn’t want but the majority of things they had no problem sharing.

My stories shared a common theme which was that I know everyone involved with the articles personally. Apart from Theo and Matthew the people in the Vinyl Records interview but I do have a very messy transcript in my journal of the conversation we had. I do a lot of work outside of college which means I have built up a bit of a network of people which made finding quotes to support these stories easy. What I found more of a struggle was thinking of story concepts that would actually interest people. I didn’t want to produce copy that was thrown together and had no real journalistic value.

Ethical standards were something that I had to consider when I was producing my copy, most prominently the one about Legal Highs. My brother and my friend didn’t want there name to be given and truthfully I didn’t want to disclose there name either. The subject matter of that article was rather serious and there may have been the risk of getting someone into serious trouble which I wanted to try my best to avoid.

I feel like my copy is fit for publishing because my focus group proved to be very positive. The people I asked were all in my target audience and they all said that they would enjoy reading this kind of thing. Also when I compare it to published articles of similar subject matter my written style holds up as professional but not too professional which seems to be good for the kind of audience that I am going for. I didn’t want to be too formal in my written voice because I feel as though some times that kind of thing can put people of a younger age off a little bit. It seemed like the right thing to do in order to adhere to the codes and conventions of a website for my chose age group.

One thing that I feel as though I could’ve done better was my time management. I struggled a little bit getting everything done in the time that I had to finish them all. I feel as though this was because I spent a lot of time trying to find subject areas that were varied and actually meaningful. I didn’t to write easy stuff, I wanted to write things that people would be genuinely interested in reading and things that held some genuine journalistic value. I feel as though it was because of this that my time management was’t great because these kind of articles are far more time consuming.

In conclusion I am happy with how my copy turned out. I feel as though I produced a range of things covering different topic areas and I did a good job to make them interesting and appealing to people of my age group.