For me, creativity has always been an outlet. A way of reflecting your inner self and personal experiences. My first love was writing. To this day I still carry around a notepad and pen for whenever I feel inspired. But I never had the opportunity to create in the way I do now. I never had the software or technology to be able to design and expand my creativity into other media. If I’m honest I never even considered Graphic Design as an option for me. This was down to the fact I enjoyed writing so much that I never actually wanted to consider any other options, it had become a part of my personality.

I decided to study Creative Media: Journalism and Social Media Communication at the
Hillsborough College in Sheffield. My reasoning for this was because I thought the Journalism part of the course would satisfy my love for writing, which it did. However, I didn’t expect the Media and Design aspects of the course to shadow the Journalistic side. The idea of using technology to create art was not only new to me, but so exciting. I quickly familiarised myself with Adobe software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign then fell in love with creating digital art. In fact, I fell in love with it so much I can’t imagine myself following a path other than Graphic Design. Not even writing.

The Course gave me all of the foundations I needed to become a Graphic Designer. I just knew I’d have to do more to prove that I have the abilities and to be able to expand my knowledge and talents. For the past year I have put all of the skills I have acquired for this course into a clothing brand I own with some friends of mine. My main reason for doing something like this was because I wanted living proof of my Graphic Design abilities. I also wanted to get my work out there and seen by people as a kind of experiment to see if it appeal to them as much as it appeals to me. A year down the line ‘GoldeN’ clothing is sold in two shops in Sheffield City Center ”Alt Seen Eye” and ”A New Shop”. It is getting more attention every day and we are now able to run the brand off of profits alone.

I have gained so much knowledge from doing this. First of all it has made me realise that
people are interested in my art and the designs that I create to go on the clothes. This is so
important to me because I am even though I have full confidence in myself it’s nice to know the general public also like what I have to offer. Something else I have learned is the powers of advertising. I had to constantly advertise and find new and creative ways of getting the brand noticed. It opened my eyes to the powers of Social Media and how effective that could be for advertising. One of the ways I managed to keep regular traffic to the ‘GoldeN’ Clothing website was by creating a blog and uploading on there frequently. These blogs were often about topics that were big in the news so people would be more inclined to read them. Since I’ve done these blogs I got the opportunity to write for the Sheffield Star which published something of mine called ”Dreams are important”.

A lot of time and money have gone into this clothing brand. In order to fully fund and support my passion I have been working as a Mixologist at a cocktail bar called the viper rooms until the early hours of the morning. Four nights a week on average for the past year. It has been incredibly hard to balance this and college, but I don’t regret any of it. Even though some days I turned up to college after staying awake for over 24 hours it has enabled me to fund my passion and get me in the position I am today. University is the next step in achieving my dream and I am prepared to work harder than I ever have in order to make that come to fruition.