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I feel as though the interview went very well. The interviewer greeted me with a friendly handshake and comfortable atmosphere. I was told that I dressed appropriately enough for this interview, although my attire wouldn’t have been appropriate for a lot of other more professional styled jobs. The interviewer also told me that  I hold and present myself with professionalism and I come across as friendly and approachable. I was given feedback on my CV which was extremely helpful to me because I’ve never had an actual interview before. The interviewer pointed out to me that my CV was a little bit short in the most important areas. For example I didn’t speak enough about my clothing business which is the thing that would attract an employer most to hire me.

I did a lot of preparation beforehand researching how to behave in an interview and how to present myself and I tried my best to adhere to what I found out. I also prepared answers for common interview questions such as ”Why do you feel your a good fit for this job”. I kept mind to keep my posture good and not slouched as a lot of information online told me that this makes you appear unproffessional and as though you don’t care about getting the job. I spoke with enthusiasm and showed that I was excited by the prospect of getting a job such as this.

Another thing that I was told to change about my CV was to cater it more to the job that I was applying for. I wrote too much about my job as a Mixologist, because lets be honest: Graphic Design and Mixology as two completely different jobs with next to no correlation. It’s good to mention past work but that doesn’t necessarily mean I should write/talk about it. Another thing that I was told to add was my social media links for things such as my clothing brand. Or my website.

What the interviewer did say I had in my favour was the way I interviewed. They told me that I speak with good confidence and I don’t come across as nervous or like I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about.

Overall I found this very helpful and it definitely gave me less nervous for future interviews. Like I said this was the first interview that I have ever attended so it was really helpful having a taste of what it was like and have someone with a great amount of experience with interviews to tell me that I don’t have as much to worry about as I think I do.