The best way to prepare for an interview is to research the company before hand. Try to find information out about the companies values and philosophies in order to get a good understanding of what is going to be expected of you by the interviewers. The interviewers will normally be people who are high up in the company so it’s really important to show them that you are a good fit for the company.

Don’t be late. That’s a way to make a bad impression before you’ve even walked through the door. Dress appropriately for the job you are being interviewed for. Most of the time a suit is the normal and most appropriate attire. A lot of people make their first impression of you but looking at how you present yourself. It’s probably best to follow the interviewers lead, for example if they go to shake your hand then shake it. If they don’t, don’t. Some people don’t want to shake your hand.

Be prepared by knowing your CV or personal statement in full. Make sure everything on there is true because if they ask you a questions about something you’ve written and you have no idea what they’re talking about it isn’t going to bode well. Speaking clearly and confidently is imperative. You needs to sound as though you have passion and interest in what you are speaking about. Obviously you’re applying for this job for a reason, you need to show that you want it.

Don’t slouch in your chair or arrive stinking of cigarettes. The way that you present yourself through things such as your posture and appearance should be reflective of what you want the interviewer to think about you. If you want the job you want the interviewer to think that you’re smart, capable and with a lot to offer. Present yourself this way.

Self Promotion Techniques –

Social Media is one of the best ways to promote your self. There has never been a bigger platform for creative types to get there work seen and supported by the public. Things such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and linkdin are crucial to this. Regular posts and updates and the best way to grow a following and audience for your work.

Having your own website/online portfolio is another good idea because they make you seem professional and legitimate. Every company or person that you can think of who sell a product or provide a service all have a website

Another good idea would be to invest in business cards and give them out at events or places that are relevant to your chosen area of expertise. For example if you’re a free lance designer why not hand out buisness cards at art exhibitions? Most people will probably not be interested in them but even if one person out of one hundered take one and look at your work thats one more potential client.