A webzine is essentially a magazine that is published electronically. These can be viewed on different platforms such as a computer, phone or tablet.

The main reasons for publishing Webzines as apposed to traditional methods is because they are far more flexible to work with. They can be viewed by anyone at any time and can be presented without many limitations. They can provide a viewer with a much more varied experience than paper magazines because media such as video and audio can be worked into your webzine with ease. Slowly more and more media outlets are switching to online publication, or implementing it along side their standard printing. Something that is a major pro is in favour of webzines is the cost. They’re far more cheaper to produce than paper magazine. This is because you don’t have to pay for things such as printing costs, distribution costs and the costs of everyone involved in the process of producing and selling a magazine. In theory anyone could produce a webzine and host it on the internet for anyone to view. Whereas that would be a far more difficult thing to do if one person was trying to produce a magazine.

Obviously there are some draw backs to publishing a webzine. Some people feel that they are not as professional as the traditional methods of publishing, you run the risk of not being taken seriously just because some people just don’t accept this digital age. There is also a much deeper pool of competition to work against. Like I mentioned, they’re far more easier to produce which means a lot more people will be producing them. Another big draw back of publishing a webzine is the lack of physical presence. quite simply, a lot of people prefer to have a actual copy of a magazine than one they can see on there phone.


This is a photo of the German Rolling Stone webzine that’s being view on a iPad. This is something that I would aspire to create myself because it is a perfect example of why webzines are on the rise. The music that is being featured on this page is being played, which you can see at the bottom of the screen. This is a perfect example of interactivity in webzines and how you can use it to provide a much better experience for a consumer.


This is another example of a webzine I love the look of. This is Art and Culture magazine by Agata Roszkowska. What I love most about this is how stunning and effective it looks. Computers and iPad’s allow for far more vivid images and which are in my opinion far more pleasing on the eye than a standard magazine. I just feel as though if you tried to publish this physically you’d lose the aesthetic of the magazine.

The webzine that I create for my FMP will be about music, fashion, art and lifestyle. I am taking inspiration from media outlets such as Vice. In the meantime I am going to do a test site about my clothing brand ”GoldeN”. This is because I want to test my skills with wordpress’ editor and a ready made theme due to the fact I have never used it before.

I intend to make the Webzine as appealing to the eye as it is interesting to read. I’m hoping to use my research and specifically Agata Roszkowska’s work as a key bit of inspiration to aid me to make a webzine intended for portable use that utilises the technology to the best of its abilities. This doesn’t mean just interactivity, I mean aesthetically as well. Things such as utilising vibrant colours that would appear vivid and striking on a platform such as an iPad are things that people may forget about. But I wan’t to be subtle in a large and effective way.

Whilst researching webzines I have realised that there really is no limit to what you can do, but it’s important to not let get carried away. What I mean by this is you aren’t limited by things such as having a set amount of pages to fill. It is because of this that I want to pace myself and use my space effectively. It is completely justified for me to have certain parts of my webzine to have minimal content presented in a great way because really there no limited to the amount of pages I can have. Also, I don’t want to run the risk of trying to fit everything on a page and having a really small font or something like that. Some webzines can be hard to read especially if you are reading them on a phone. Utilising my space properly is crucial.