Overall I am a little dissatisfied with my final product. I think that it does look good and it has turned out well but I really don’t like the lack of customization that comes with wordpress ready made themes. I feel like what I managed to do best was have the website looking really true to it’s self and individual to the GoldeN image. The website is easy to navigate and it was incredibly easy and quick to put together. Really, all that you have to do in order to create a website/webzine this way is to have content that you want to put on there and it’s just a case of copy and pasting. So I suppose that if you want a quick and easy website that will look professional this is the way to do it. However, I prefer a more personal approach.

The research that I did aided me in making the website accessible and easy to used but what I suffered from was a lack of content. Obviously, this was a test site so I didn’t believe this was a problem. I was more focused on testing the functionality and overall appearance rather than the content but on reflection I should’ve added more content to be able to test the website much better.

The best thing that I gained from this was the ability to use This Is Tap. This hosting service is so easy to use and incredibly helpful. I’m surprised that this service is free because it essentially offers a service that either costs money or is very difficult to do yourself. It is definitely something that I will be using in the future with other projects.

I feel as though if I would have started with a different theme that was more customisation I would’ve been able to create a much better looking site. Little things such as the fact that I couldn’t change the colour of the bit on the front page that said ”GOLDEN // THE 90’S” isn’t something that I can get past. I know this is such a little thing to mention. But in my opinion if you wan’t something to be truly individual and stand out from the rest you need to take into account every little aspect. Other than that I feel like I used the theme well and created a functional and aesthetic website. Although, for my FMP I think that I will go back to using muse because that is the kind of customisation that I like to work with.

I think that my website did appeal to it’s target audience of young people aged 16-25 because the site had an urban feel to it that would be the kind of thing that people this age are looking for. However I feel like I could’ve added more content to my website just to see what it would look like had it been updated over time.

In conclusion I would say that I am happy with how this test site turned out. But I don’t think I will use this same method for my FMP because I want that to be far more different and individual.