My Webzine is going to be presented on wordpress using the paid theme ”Genie”. The benefits of using a Theme such as this is that you don’t have to write your own code. I decided that I want to my webzine to have a simplistic and easy to navigate style. This is how I intend the front page to look.

I chose to use Genie because I have no experience with using wordpress’ editor and using pre made themes. I wanted to see how this process would work and how I could make my webzine turn out by using this.

The theme supports every kind of interactivity that I would need for my webzine and looks as though it is similar to what I initially had in mind when I conceptualised my webzine.16990260_10208763753594589_1087277811_o.jpg

This is how people are going to be greeted into my website and I plan to do this because I dont wan’t them to be bombarded with information as soon as they go on the website. I think it’s daunting when websites do that and especially for a webzine I feel simplicity is a much more effective way. 16990650_10208763851117027_1065722135_oI want to set my articles out in a kind of tiled mosaic way with an image and maybe some text that appears when you scroll over it. Again, this is a way to keep things simple yet effective.

Because this is just a test sight I am just testing the waters of wordpress and the potential that it has. My actual webzine will most likely not look anything like this. But I want to familarise myself with the software and how it can be used.