This is how I made the home page of my webzine. What I did here was create a page and set it as the front page then selected the image that I wanted to have as the main page. Already noticed that the problem with this process is that I felt as though I was doing a lot of guess work. I couldn’t envision how this would look without actually trying it, which isn’t a bad thing as such. It’s just not how I enjoy doing things. uesfuiheg.PNG

This is what it looks like after doing that. It does look effective but it’s not what I want yet. I went into the wordpress theme customiser in order to change the colours and add a logo to the top of the page. dsfghjkl;.PNG

As you can see I have incorporated my own logo as the site’s favicon. I ran into a problem when doing this. At first the GoldeN logo at the top appeared huge and that was because of the dimensions that I had my logo saved as. What I remembered was that I am using a theme, originally the logo read ”Genie”. What I did was save the logo and open it up in photoshop. I then deleted the logo and was left with a blank canvas the size of the logo. It was then a case of just putting my logo on the blank canvas then exporting it. When I put it into the theme it came out perfect.

This is the final version of the front page. This is close to my initial idea that I had. However that’s just by coincidence. What I noticed is that because of this theme I’ve chosen this is the only way that my front page could be. I’m not sure how comfortable I am with this because I feel like it will restrict what else I want to do with the website. Although, I suppose that this is the whole point of using a theme. You follow there layout and just put your own content into it.

This is how articles and content for my webzine would be displayed. I am quite happy with this because I believe that it would translate very well if it was to be viewed on an iPad. I decided to keep images away from the article. This was because of what I said earlier about utilising space properly and not trying to fit too much on one page. This was a good means for me to gain a broader understanding of how I want my final webzine to look.