Instead of getting people to outright read my articles I did a Prezi presentation that explained what my articles were about without giving all of the information away. My reasoning for doing this was because I wanted to see if my focus group would find these kind of things interesting enough to want to read them off of there own back. For example if they saw this advertised on something like Facebook or a news website would they click on the link?

The first question I asked was ”After hearing about these articles would you be interested in reading the full things and why”. All of my focus group said that they would be interested in reading the rest of the articles. This is really positive news for me because I took a risk by not giving them the full article to read. Although if they were looking on a news website they wouldn’t be given the full article to read before they decide to read it or not. This is why I decided to do it this way.

The next question I asked was whether they thought that the articles were appropriate to their age group and they all agreed that majority of the articles were. The one that one person said they didn’t feel that it was for their age range was the Park Hill story. One person thought that it seemed too serious for them. But the others didn’t have a problem with it and that they found it interesting.