Centre Name: Sheffield College

Centre Number: 36510

Student Name: Liam Rogerson

Student Number: 679565

Rationale –

Throughout my time on the course I have gained a wide range of skills on knowledge. These skills are presented and utilised within the first 12 units that can be found on my blog.

Whilst my plans for after this course lie within the world of Graphic Design, I still have a lot of passion and knowledge on journalistic theory and practise. I plan to use this to create some great examples of content for my FMP which will be a website dedicated to Sheffield.

Project Concept –

My project concept for my FMP is to produce a portfolio of content and up load this to a website called ”Sheffield View” aimed at 16-25 year olds,  which will be my portfolio. I have previously done something similar to this in the unit 9 section of my blog. By doing this I gained the skills necessary to build a website on wordpress and have it presented professionally and aesthetically. My specialist study that I wrote taught me the importance of appearance when you trying to get people to view something you have created, so the design of the website will be very important to me. The portfolio I created in unit 10 was essentially a basis for my FMP and I plan to fully expand upon the work that I produced then. Also, something very important will be ensuring that I follow all of the necessary journalistic laws in order to keep my project running smoothly.

I will use all of the equipment I have used over the past two years such as photo and video editing software (Photoshop, iMovie) a professional standard camera and my phone for mobile journalism.


Evaluation –

I am going to keep a production diary in order to keep track of what I have done and why I have done it. This will be a means for me to reflect on and support the work that I produce. It is imperative that every time I do something that is relevant to my work in even the smallest way I write it in my production diary and reflect on it. I will be doing this because it will ensure that I understand every single aspect of what I have done. Also, it will keep me

up to date with exactly where I am with my project, fortifying the time slots that I have allocated myself in order to make sure I finish the project on time.

Propsal – Timetable

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