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Unit 11

Unit 11 – Interview Evaluation + Digital Portfolio


Cover Letter

Digital Portfolio –

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I feel as though the interview went very well. The interviewer greeted me with a friendly handshake and comfortable atmosphere. I was told that I dressed appropriately enough for this interview, although my attire wouldn’t have been appropriate for a lot of other more professional styled jobs. The interviewer also told me that  I hold and present myself with professionalism and I come across as friendly and approachable. I was given feedback on my CV which was extremely helpful to me because I’ve never had an actual interview before. The interviewer pointed out to me that my CV was a little bit short in the most important areas. For example I didn’t speak enough about my clothing business which is the thing that would attract an employer most to hire me.

I did a lot of preparation beforehand researching how to behave in an interview and how to present myself and I tried my best to adhere to what I found out. I also prepared answers for common interview questions such as ”Why do you feel your a good fit for this job”. I kept mind to keep my posture good and not slouched as a lot of information online told me that this makes you appear unproffessional and as though you don’t care about getting the job. I spoke with enthusiasm and showed that I was excited by the prospect of getting a job such as this.

Another thing that I was told to change about my CV was to cater it more to the job that I was applying for. I wrote too much about my job as a Mixologist, because lets be honest: Graphic Design and Mixology as two completely different jobs with next to no correlation. It’s good to mention past work but that doesn’t necessarily mean I should write/talk about it. Another thing that I was told to add was my social media links for things such as my clothing brand. Or my website.

What the interviewer did say I had in my favour was the way I interviewed. They told me that I speak with good confidence and I don’t come across as nervous or like I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about.

Overall I found this very helpful and it definitely gave me less nervous for future interviews. Like I said this was the first interview that I have ever attended so it was really helpful having a taste of what it was like and have someone with a great amount of experience with interviews to tell me that I don’t have as much to worry about as I think I do.


Unit 11 – Interview Skills/Self Promotion Techniques

The best way to prepare for an interview is to research the company before hand. Try to find information out about the companies values and philosophies in order to get a good understanding of what is going to be expected of you by the interviewers. The interviewers will normally be people who are high up in the company so it’s really important to show them that you are a good fit for the company.

Don’t be late. That’s a way to make a bad impression before you’ve even walked through the door. Dress appropriately for the job you are being interviewed for. Most of the time a suit is the normal and most appropriate attire. A lot of people make their first impression of you but looking at how you present yourself. It’s probably best to follow the interviewers lead, for example if they go to shake your hand then shake it. If they don’t, don’t. Some people don’t want to shake your hand.

Be prepared by knowing your CV or personal statement in full. Make sure everything on there is true because if they ask you a questions about something you’ve written and you have no idea what they’re talking about it isn’t going to bode well. Speaking clearly and confidently is imperative. You needs to sound as though you have passion and interest in what you are speaking about. Obviously you’re applying for this job for a reason, you need to show that you want it.

Don’t slouch in your chair or arrive stinking of cigarettes. The way that you present yourself through things such as your posture and appearance should be reflective of what you want the interviewer to think about you. If you want the job you want the interviewer to think that you’re smart, capable and with a lot to offer. Present yourself this way.

Self Promotion Techniques –

Social Media is one of the best ways to promote your self. There has never been a bigger platform for creative types to get there work seen and supported by the public. Things such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and linkdin are crucial to this. Regular posts and updates and the best way to grow a following and audience for your work.

Having your own website/online portfolio is another good idea because they make you seem professional and legitimate. Every company or person that you can think of who sell a product or provide a service all have a website

Another good idea would be to invest in business cards and give them out at events or places that are relevant to your chosen area of expertise. For example if you’re a free lance designer why not hand out buisness cards at art exhibitions? Most people will probably not be interested in them but even if one person out of one hundered take one and look at your work thats one more potential client.

Unit 11 – UCAS Application, Personal Statement

For me, creativity has always been an outlet. A way of reflecting your inner self and personal experiences. My first love was writing. To this day I still carry around a notepad and pen for whenever I feel inspired. But I never had the opportunity to create in the way I do now. I never had the software or technology to be able to design and expand my creativity into other media. If I’m honest I never even considered Graphic Design as an option for me. This was down to the fact I enjoyed writing so much that I never actually wanted to consider any other options, it had become a part of my personality.

I decided to study Creative Media: Journalism and Social Media Communication at the
Hillsborough College in Sheffield. My reasoning for this was because I thought the Journalism part of the course would satisfy my love for writing, which it did. However, I didn’t expect the Media and Design aspects of the course to shadow the Journalistic side. The idea of using technology to create art was not only new to me, but so exciting. I quickly familiarised myself with Adobe software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign then fell in love with creating digital art. In fact, I fell in love with it so much I can’t imagine myself following a path other than Graphic Design. Not even writing.

The Course gave me all of the foundations I needed to become a Graphic Designer. I just knew I’d have to do more to prove that I have the abilities and to be able to expand my knowledge and talents. For the past year I have put all of the skills I have acquired for this course into a clothing brand I own with some friends of mine. My main reason for doing something like this was because I wanted living proof of my Graphic Design abilities. I also wanted to get my work out there and seen by people as a kind of experiment to see if it appeal to them as much as it appeals to me. A year down the line ‘GoldeN’ clothing is sold in two shops in Sheffield City Center ”Alt Seen Eye” and ”A New Shop”. It is getting more attention every day and we are now able to run the brand off of profits alone.

I have gained so much knowledge from doing this. First of all it has made me realise that
people are interested in my art and the designs that I create to go on the clothes. This is so
important to me because I am even though I have full confidence in myself it’s nice to know the general public also like what I have to offer. Something else I have learned is the powers of advertising. I had to constantly advertise and find new and creative ways of getting the brand noticed. It opened my eyes to the powers of Social Media and how effective that could be for advertising. One of the ways I managed to keep regular traffic to the ‘GoldeN’ Clothing website was by creating a blog and uploading on there frequently. These blogs were often about topics that were big in the news so people would be more inclined to read them. Since I’ve done these blogs I got the opportunity to write for the Sheffield Star which published something of mine called ”Dreams are important”.

A lot of time and money have gone into this clothing brand. In order to fully fund and support my passion I have been working as a Mixologist at a cocktail bar called the viper rooms until the early hours of the morning. Four nights a week on average for the past year. It has been incredibly hard to balance this and college, but I don’t regret any of it. Even though some days I turned up to college after staying awake for over 24 hours it has enabled me to fund my passion and get me in the position I am today. University is the next step in achieving my dream and I am prepared to work harder than I ever have in order to make that come to fruition.


11.1.1/11.1.2 – Fact File / Skills Audit / Personal Action Plan.

Introduction to Graphic Design –

Graphic design is the process of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual context. The form of the communication can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms. The role of a graphic design has changed over the years due to the rise of technology, internet and social media. Because of these things Graphic designers have a much broader platform and demand for their work. Graphic designers have always been around. Every advertisement you see, magazine, poster etc were all created by Graphic Designers.

Industry – 

Pentagram – “Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy. The firm is owned and run by 21 partners, a group of friends who are all leaders in their individual fields. We design architecture and interiorsbooksbranding and identitiesdigital installationsexhibitionsfilmsproductsposters, and websites from offices in LondonNew YorkSan FranciscoBerlin and Austin.” (Pentagram Website)

Landor –  “a brand consulting firm founded in 1941 by Walter Landor, who pioneered some research, design, and consulting methods that the branding industry still uses.Headquartered in San Francisco, the company maintains 26 offices in 20 countries, including China, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and the United States. Landor is a member of the Young & Rubicam Group network within WPP plc, the world’s largest advertising company by revenues. Landor’s work includes brand research and valuation, brand strategy and architecture, brand purpose and green design, corporate identity and packaging design, innovation, naming and writing, branded experience, brand equity management, employee engagement, and digital branding.” (wikipedia)

Description of Job Role – 

Graphic designers need to be able to listen to their clients and fully understand their needs before making creative decisions. They will be working on a variety of products and activities such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games etc. You are to work with the client and develop creative ideas and concepts. the work demands peoples to have creative flair, up to date knowledge and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.

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Skills Audit

  • Co-owner of a clothing brand which I have done different designs for, these designs have been selling and are now sold by a shop in Sheffield. This is a sign that there is a demand for the things that I design.
  • I feel as though I have the necessary creative skills required such as the ability to work with and develop the ideas that a client may put forward to me.
  • I am very proficient with Adobe Creative Suite which is the main platform that Graphic Designers will be using.
  • I have an eye for what people will like depending on the target audience.
  • I keep up to date on the latest trends and am always thinking of new ways to be original.
  • Have experience with marketing and had to discover first hand how to make things sell and how to get things out there by using social media.

Skills I could gain –

Something which I have very little experience with is 3-D graphics and animation. These are the main two areas of Graphic Design that I have little experience with and I could do with expanding my knowledge in these areas. For this job ad it doesn’t say that these skills are needed but I know that these are skills that are necessary to be a complete graphic designer.

My personal action plan – 

Career Choice(s) – Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Writer.

Target Grade – D/M

My course choices –

  • Bath Spa – Visual Design and Creative Writing – DDM
  • Sheffield Hallam – Graphic Design – MMM
  • Uni of Worcester – Creative Digital Media – MMM

Work Experience  – Design for my own independent clothing brand which is gaining popularity around Sheffield.
Designed posters and flyer for Sheffield bands.
Wrote player profiles for the Sheffield Sharks.


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