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15th March 2017 –

Today it is time to start researching and trying to source stories for my Final Major Project. Because I want to keep my FMP local to Sheffield I thought a good place to start would be on the ‘Welcome to Sheffield’ website. On this there was a list of the top 10 things to do and see in Sheffield (Link On this list was the Crucible Theater. When I was younger I used to do Theater work and I know a lot of people who still so a lot of acting work in Sheffield so I thought that there was potential for a story here. When I went to the Sheffield Theaters home page I saw this:



I never knew that Sheffield Theaters was the largest theater complex outside of London which got me thinking that I could do a story about how Sheffield is a good place for young actors to be. I have a friend who is a member of National Youth Theater and is currently auditioning for a load of top London Drama schools. I spoke with him and we’re meeting tomorrow to do and interview and just to have a bit of a chat because he definitely knows more than me on this subject. I feel like it would be better to earn a bigger understanding of Sheffield Theaters before I start writing about it.

I’m going to record the interview and pick out the key points when I listen to it back. Also, the questions that I ask will be things such as ”What makes Sheffield stand out from the rest” or ”What’s it been like for you being a young actor in Sheffield”. I plan to keep the interview as more of a conversation so I can lear things myself and put that into my article.

16th March –

The interview went very well. I learnt loads more about Sheffield Theatres and what it’s like to be an actor in Sheffield. Edmund told me about the many theatre companies that operate in Sheffield and how the crucible and lyceum are both major theatres. People travel from all around the world to see shows at the Crucible, whether this is for Theatre or the snooker it still made the Crucible very popular and award winning.

I asked him about what his next step are and he told me how he’s had auditions and been given interviews/been accepted into a few top drama schools inside or outside of London. Places like Mountview and Guildford which both are credited as being two of the best places in the UK for actors to study.

I feel as though it would be good to include this in the article as an example because this sows that from being in sheffield and doing acting work in Sheffield Edmund had made some big steps towards being an actor and truthfully one of these schools is most likely the best way to do that.

Contact details for Edmund:

Edmund Tooley, Tel: 07800527253

21st March –

Finally I’ve finished my first article for my FMP. I feel as though I am off to a good start here because I have completed this in a good time and I am not behind schedule for the rest of my FMP. I didn’t run into any problems when I was writing the article because I feel like Edmund provided me with loads knowledge and the information necessary to write the article. I’m going to start looking for more ideas for stories and trying to follow up them as soon as possible.

24th March  –

I was looking though Facebook for article ideas and I saw a suggested group called STAG. This stands for Sheffield Tree Action Group. After looking at the group and becoming a member I’ve decided that this is a perfect thing to write an article about. There’s over 6,000 people in this group so it shouldn’t be hard to find some quotes from people or someone to talk to about what the group is about. I noticed that two of my Facebook friends are also a member of this group so I thought a good place to start would by asking them why there a part of the group and see what they can tell me about it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 13.24.10.png

My friend Isaac told me that he is a member of the group because his mother is very involved with it. He told me that there has been loads of trees been cut down in many different areas in Sheffield and obviously because Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in the world people are scared that this is going to be tarnished. Because of this there are protests and this has led to people even being arrested on there land because they are protesting. My other friend Ted told me that they’re trying to cut down the tress out side of his house which in Netheredge which is going to decrease the value of his house, and the area as a whole. Not only this its going to make the area look a lot less appealing. I could use both of these as quotes if I wanted to but I think I’d rather try speaking to the person who created the group or someone who has been a member of it for a while and ask them for there opinion. I have messaged the person who is the only admin on the Facebook page if I can ask him some questions about the group and what they’re aiming to do and I hope to hear back from him soon.

March 30th –

The head of the STAG group has got back to me saying he’d be happy to help but when I replied with questions he has not got back to me yet. I think that I am going to give him some time to reply and if I get nothing soon I will ask him again. What I am going to do is research the group on their website ( and Facebook and try to write the bulk of my stories using these sources and anything that I get from it. Once I have done this I will focus on my other stories because I have got enough time to wait for him at the moment.

April 4th –

today is the start of Autism Awareness week (or month in America). This is the perfect oppertunity to write a news article. Autism is a common thing in my family with both my brother and sister being diagnosed with it at a young age. I feel that a good place to start will be to have a convrstaion witb one of them, most likely my sister because she is heavily involved with autiskm awareness, and then try to see if I can work out a story or article after Ive had the converstaion.

After talking to my sister Demi I think that I am settled on a idea. She asked me if i was familiar with Autism Speaks. I told her that I am familiar with the charity but not the work that they do. It turns out that quite a lot of people within the autistic community have some serious problems with Autism Speaks and what they do. She advised me to goodle ”Boycott autism speaks” and see what comes up.

April 3rd –

After searching ”boycott autism speaks” I was met with loads and loads of different pages and websites with people listing the problems that they have with the charity. it turns out that autism speaks have been reaseching the effects that vaccinations have had on people and the rise in autism and they are also trying to find a cure for it. This has had a huge backlash because many people with autism feel that it most definitly isnt a illness and it doesnt need cured.

Another main thing that people seem to have an issue with is that the majority of their donations and funding goes towards reseasech and not helpinjg autistic people or autistic families. I feel like for a chairty to be this big this is somthing that needs to be adressed snd I definilty want to take my article in this direction.

7th April –

The first draft of my article is finished but there are some problems. I think that I got a bit carried away with the whole thing and ended up forgetting simple journalistic rules. My article at this point cannot be used because the majority of it is defamtion. I have also forgot to make it relevant to Sheffield which makes it not useable in the FMP anyway. What I am going to do is keep with the autism awareness idea but try to find a different approach for the article and try to make it relevant to Sheffield in the mean time.

8th April –

Today I had a look online for some autism charities that operate in Sheffield. This could be a small part of my article which would help it become relvant to Sheffield and fit in with the rest of my project. I found out about Sparkle who are a Sheffield based charity who work directly with young people with autism and decided these would be perfect to have in the Article. On top of that I also found out that Autism Speaks recently released a statement saying As of April 2017, Autism Speaks asserts “scientists have conducted extensive research over the last two decades to determine whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research is clear: Vaccines do not cause autism.”

This is perfect for my article because I can now focus on this point and turn it around to be a good thing. I am going to interview my sister about this point and try to make it more of a autism awareness is going in the right way kind of thing.

April 12th –

I have finished my Autism Awareness article and I am very happy with how its turned out. I was walking home from college and passed through Park Hill because I am going to write a piece about that and it’s normally a nice walk. When I was walking through I saw some very interesting Graffiti which read: ”What can you put in a box?” followed by a series of answers. This got me thinking about doing a photojournalism package on street art around Sheffield.

April 13th –

The biggest coincidence of my life happened today. Yesterday I got a text from my friend that I haven’t seen in a while Miro. He asked me to meet up and I said yes. Anyway, i was telling him about college and what I am doing and how I planned to do something on street art and he told me how he’s been doing street art more frequently. I knew he did it but I wasn’t sure that he was still active. It turns out that the art that I saw yesterday in Parkhill was done by him. I couldn’t believe it but this is so perfect. Instead of doing a photojournalism piece I can do a multimedia package about street art in Sheffield and interview Miro. He said he is happy to help but would rather not be on camera which is understandable. We didn’t do the interview today though because we got a bit sidetracked and I hadn’t prepared anything or even though about how I am going to do it. But he told me that he is free pretty much whenever so I going to think about how I am going to shoot the video taking into account that he doesn’t want to be filmed. In order to combat this I am going to have to think of other ways to make the video interesting to watch.

April 14th –

In order to keep in line with the codes and conventions of being a journalist it’s important that I don’t get Miro into any trouble. After doing some research ( I have decided that the best way to do this is to keep him off camera and not show any of his work. This worked out to be perfect because we did the interview today and Miro was very upfront with the fact that he didn’t want to show his face or his work on film because he didn’t want any trouble, seeing as the act of graffiti is illegal. What I have done is photographed pictures of street art around Sheffield and filmed a long wall outside of the train station that is covered in graffiti. Miro’s words are what makes this video good in my opinion because what he has to say is very compelling. The video is finished and its time to move onto something else.

Contact details –

Miryan Andonov

Phone – 07598429101

April 18th –

I work in a bar called the Viper Rooms which is one of Sheffield’s best known bars. The amount of new bars that keep opening up is staggering and it seems that Sheffield is slowly becoming a bit of a hot spot for cocktail bars and things along the same line. I figured that it would make sense to do a photojournalism piece on some of the best bars in Sheffield. I have visited a load of different places and have a good knowledge of that these bars have to offer. So what I am going to do is take pictures of some of the most popular bars from the outside and caption them telling people where they are and what they have to offer.

April 22nd –

I took photos of the front of six of the best bars in Sheffield and have finished my photojournalism piece.

April 23rd –

I put a post in the STAG Facebook age asking if anyone would be willing to speak about STAG and what they’re doing because the head of the group has seen my message asking him questions and has not responded to me. I’m a little upset by this because getting his word on it would have improved the story greatly. I am a little worried though because time is running out and I have still got things to do. Hopefully someone will respond to me and be willing to speak about it.

April 24th –

I managed to get a response from someone who I know vaguely, he went to my school but I never really spoke to him. His name is Charlie and he said that he’s been to the silent protests and is passionate about the cause. I’ve decided that I’ll use charlie for my interview because he seems really eager and full of good information. I’ve set up an interview with him sometime next week he told me he will let me know.

April 26th –

I noticed that when I was coming into college there was a lot of signs advertising this Camerados thing that I’ve never heard of. After doing some research by asking my tutor Tracy what it is I have found out that Camerados is kind or orginisation that is trying to get people to talk to talk to each other and be friends kind of thing. Basically they’ve set up these places where people can go and sit and just be a friend to one another. To me this is perfect for another multimedia piece. If I can just find someone who’d be willing to speak about it and what it is that would be perfect.

April 28th –

In college I spoke to loads of different people in the Camerados booth asking if they know what it is and what it means but no one had a clue. I guess I’ll just keep trying I find it hard to believe that no one knows what it is for. In other news I am meeting Charlie on Monday to talk about STAG.

May 1st –

The interview with Charlie was really good he gave me loads to work with. I recorded him on my phone and have got more than enough to transcript and use for my article. I am going to finish the article tomorrow in college and I can finally tick this one off the list of things to do

May 2nd –

I tried again to find someone to speak about Camerados but I still found nothing. It seems as though people are just using the place because it’s got a nice looking settee. I’ll keep high hopes that someone knows what it is but pretty soon I feel like i’m going to have to think of something new because I am running the risk of falling behind schedule. I added Charlie’s interview into the STAG article so now I have to brainstorm other ideas. for articles.

Contact Information –

Charlie Heywood-Heath


May 3rd –

Still no one to help with Camerados video.

May 9th –

I’ve had a pretty unproductive week and fell behind schedule. I’ve been trying to find ideas for videos and articles but nothing had come to fruition so far. I spoke with Tracy and she told me about a polling booth that will be coming into Hillsborough college for a few days. I am in college Friday so hopefully I will be able to speak to whoever is running the booth and if they are up for it interview them on video and make a Multi-Media package about it. Whilst researching online for story ideas I saw this article ( which was only published yesterday. I grew up and currently live on a council estate so again if I can write an article about this finding sources should be easy.

May 12th –

Everything went perfect today. Thomas Wilson was the person who ran the polling booth and was willing to be recorded on camera and talk about why it’s happening. After the Interview I edited the video and finished it before the day was done. On my way home I went to walk through Park Hill but realised it’s all been fenced off. I had written a piece on Park Hill previously and I figured that I could use my knowledge to write a new article about the history of it, the homeless problem and why it has been cornered off. I know quite a lot of people who used to live there so finding someone to talk about it should be easy and this could definitely be an article.

Contact Details –

Thomas Wilson

May 13th –

Because I am behind scheduled I decided to write my Park Hill article now. Because of previous research and knowledge I knew this wouldn’t take me long to write so I figured I would just do it. here is a list of websites I used to help write it:

For my source I asked a girl I know quite well who lived on Park Hill when she was younger. What I did was send her what I had written for the article and she responded witch what she found fitting and it turned out very good.

Contact Details –

Helen Alexander-Barnes


May 18th –

Again I’ve been asking people about the camerdos thing yet no one seems to have a clue what it is. I don’t want to give on this video because honestly I am out of ideas and I want to produce something good. I have began to write my article about smoking in coucil houses. I figured that because I live on a council estate where if I am honest the majority of people smoke it will be easy for me to find people to talk to about it.

May 19th –

I spoke with a friend of mine called William who had no idea about the subject. He had some really strong views and I have to filter through quite a lengthy interview to find quotes to use. He got distracted quite a lot but there is content there for me to use for sure.

May 21st –

The article is finally finished.

Contact details –

William Hunter


May 24th –

We’ve not been in college so I haven’t been able to get anything for the Camerdos video and with people doing exams and stuff there seems to be less people around the college anyway. I am calling a stop to this video and trying to find something else before I run out of time.

May 25h –

I have discovered that I can use the pictures from my video about street art as another photojournalism package. I am going to put this together and use it as a back up if i cant find something else to do in time. I’d rather have that on the website than miss something out causing me to fail. The images are good and there are unused ones from the video that I can use so in the mean time I will do that. But I have still got a website to put together and a audience survey to do so I am going to prioritise those over finding something else to do.

May 29th –

I have put together my website and made it look fully presentable and functional. All I have left to do now is an audience survey on my work to see if my work appeals to the target audience.

June 2nd –

My survey is written I just need to find people to take it. Questions that I have included are as follows:

Do you think the website is appropriate for the target audience of 16-25 year old?

Is the website functional and appealing?

Which feature did you find most appealing?

How old are you?

What is your gender?

June 9th –

I posted the survey in the sheffcoljournos Facebook page and asked people to take part. It’s deadline day and I am on track to finish so I have just got to wait for responses and then write up my final evaluation of my work. Then I am finally finished!

Summative Conclusion –

Overall I am pleased with what I have managed to produce. Producing something with time constraints is always hard especially when you are left to your own devices. I feel as though my planning went okay, although I could’ve stuck to my action plan better. I believe would have been able to not rush certain aspects of my project had I created a better action plan. Unforeseen circumstances are something you cannot predict or plan though, and because I have outline why these things happened in mt production diary I am still very pleased with what I have produced. My primary and secondary research is strong and fully justified but I believe it could have been stronger. For example I would have loved for the head of the STAG group to get back to me but he didn’t. The positive to draw from this for me is how I was able to use my initiative and still make what I believe to be a strong piece of content work.

I believe my final website is of publishable quality. It looks good and operates well. The tiled theme with pictures along side the content makes the website appealing to the eye and something that people of my target audience would appreciate. If I was to improve my website I would’ve taken more pictures of Sheffield and incorporated these into it. However, whats more important is the content so I definitely feel as though I prioritised that over the look of the website. If I had more time I know that my content would have been better, but everyone always says that. Regardless of this, I am extremely pleased with what I have produced in the time that I was given.

My aims that were outlined in my proposal have been met and I don’t think that I can raise any issues towards this. What I have produced is a portfolio on content that is presented on a Sheffield theme lifestyle website. In conclusion I feel as though I have developed my abilities as a journalist very well during the project and my work represents this.

Proposal 13.1.1, 13.1.2, 13.4.1

Centre Name: Sheffield College

Centre Number: 36510

Student Name: Liam Rogerson

Student Number: 679565

Rationale –

Throughout my time on the course I have gained a wide range of skills on knowledge. These skills are presented and utilised within the first 12 units that can be found on my blog.

Whilst my plans for after this course lie within the world of Graphic Design, I still have a lot of passion and knowledge on journalistic theory and practise. I plan to use this to create some great examples of content for my FMP which will be a website dedicated to Sheffield.

Project Concept –

My project concept for my FMP is to produce a portfolio of content and up load this to a website called ”Sheffield View” aimed at 16-25 year olds,  which will be my portfolio. I have previously done something similar to this in the unit 9 section of my blog. By doing this I gained the skills necessary to build a website on wordpress and have it presented professionally and aesthetically. My specialist study that I wrote taught me the importance of appearance when you trying to get people to view something you have created, so the design of the website will be very important to me. The portfolio I created in unit 10 was essentially a basis for my FMP and I plan to fully expand upon the work that I produced then. Also, something very important will be ensuring that I follow all of the necessary journalistic laws in order to keep my project running smoothly.

I will use all of the equipment I have used over the past two years such as photo and video editing software (Photoshop, iMovie) a professional standard camera and my phone for mobile journalism.


Evaluation –

I am going to keep a production diary in order to keep track of what I have done and why I have done it. This will be a means for me to reflect on and support the work that I produce. It is imperative that every time I do something that is relevant to my work in even the smallest way I write it in my production diary and reflect on it. I will be doing this because it will ensure that I understand every single aspect of what I have done. Also, it will keep me

up to date with exactly where I am with my project, fortifying the time slots that I have allocated myself in order to make sure I finish the project on time.

Propsal – Timetable

Bibliography –

  • BBC News. 2007. South Yorkshire – Content – articles – 03/07/2007 – Park hill feature. (Online) at: (13th May 2017)
  • NPR. 2017. Ethics Handbook – Anonymous sourcing. (Online) at (April 2017)
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Unit 10 – Focus Group Summary/Evaluation

Instead of getting people to outright read my articles I did a Prezi presentation that explained what my articles were about without giving all of the information away. My reasoning for doing this was because I wanted to see if my focus group would find these kind of things interesting enough to want to read them off of there own back. For example if they saw this advertised on something like Facebook or a news website would they click on the link?

The first question I asked was ”After hearing about these articles would you be interested in reading the full things and why”. All of my focus group said that they would be interested in reading the rest of the articles. This is really positive news for me because I took a risk by not giving them the full article to read. Although if they were looking on a news website they wouldn’t be given the full article to read before they decide to read it or not. This is why I decided to do it this way.

The next question I asked was whether they thought that the articles were appropriate to their age group and they all agreed that majority of the articles were. The one that one person said they didn’t feel that it was for their age range was the Park Hill story. One person thought that it seemed too serious for them. But the others didn’t have a problem with it and that they found it interesting.


Unit 9, 3.1/3.2 – Evaluation/Reflection

Overall I am a little dissatisfied with my final product. I think that it does look good and it has turned out well but I really don’t like the lack of customization that comes with wordpress ready made themes. I feel like what I managed to do best was have the website looking really true to it’s self and individual to the GoldeN image. The website is easy to navigate and it was incredibly easy and quick to put together. Really, all that you have to do in order to create a website/webzine this way is to have content that you want to put on there and it’s just a case of copy and pasting. So I suppose that if you want a quick and easy website that will look professional this is the way to do it. However, I prefer a more personal approach.

The research that I did aided me in making the website accessible and easy to used but what I suffered from was a lack of content. Obviously, this was a test site so I didn’t believe this was a problem. I was more focused on testing the functionality and overall appearance rather than the content but on reflection I should’ve added more content to be able to test the website much better.

The best thing that I gained from this was the ability to use This Is Tap. This hosting service is so easy to use and incredibly helpful. I’m surprised that this service is free because it essentially offers a service that either costs money or is very difficult to do yourself. It is definitely something that I will be using in the future with other projects.

I feel as though if I would have started with a different theme that was more customisation I would’ve been able to create a much better looking site. Little things such as the fact that I couldn’t change the colour of the bit on the front page that said ”GOLDEN // THE 90’S” isn’t something that I can get past. I know this is such a little thing to mention. But in my opinion if you wan’t something to be truly individual and stand out from the rest you need to take into account every little aspect. Other than that I feel like I used the theme well and created a functional and aesthetic website. Although, for my FMP I think that I will go back to using muse because that is the kind of customisation that I like to work with.

I think that my website did appeal to it’s target audience of young people aged 16-25 because the site had an urban feel to it that would be the kind of thing that people this age are looking for. However I feel like I could’ve added more content to my website just to see what it would look like had it been updated over time.

In conclusion I would say that I am happy with how this test site turned out. But I don’t think I will use this same method for my FMP because I want that to be far more different and individual.

Unit 9, 2.2 – Production Stage


This is how I made the home page of my webzine. What I did here was create a page and set it as the front page then selected the image that I wanted to have as the main page. Already noticed that the problem with this process is that I felt as though I was doing a lot of guess work. I couldn’t envision how this would look without actually trying it, which isn’t a bad thing as such. It’s just not how I enjoy doing things. uesfuiheg.PNG

This is what it looks like after doing that. It does look effective but it’s not what I want yet. I went into the wordpress theme customiser in order to change the colours and add a logo to the top of the page. dsfghjkl;.PNG

As you can see I have incorporated my own logo as the site’s favicon. I ran into a problem when doing this. At first the GoldeN logo at the top appeared huge and that was because of the dimensions that I had my logo saved as. What I remembered was that I am using a theme, originally the logo read ”Genie”. What I did was save the logo and open it up in photoshop. I then deleted the logo and was left with a blank canvas the size of the logo. It was then a case of just putting my logo on the blank canvas then exporting it. When I put it into the theme it came out perfect.

This is the final version of the front page. This is close to my initial idea that I had. However that’s just by coincidence. What I noticed is that because of this theme I’ve chosen this is the only way that my front page could be. I’m not sure how comfortable I am with this because I feel like it will restrict what else I want to do with the website. Although, I suppose that this is the whole point of using a theme. You follow there layout and just put your own content into it.

This is how articles and content for my webzine would be displayed. I am quite happy with this because I believe that it would translate very well if it was to be viewed on an iPad. I decided to keep images away from the article. This was because of what I said earlier about utilising space properly and not trying to fit too much on one page. This was a good means for me to gain a broader understanding of how I want my final webzine to look.

Unit 9, 2.1 – Plan and Development of your own Webzine


My Webzine is going to be presented on wordpress using the paid theme ”Genie”. The benefits of using a Theme such as this is that you don’t have to write your own code. I decided that I want to my webzine to have a simplistic and easy to navigate style. This is how I intend the front page to look.

I chose to use Genie because I have no experience with using wordpress’ editor and using pre made themes. I wanted to see how this process would work and how I could make my webzine turn out by using this.

The theme supports every kind of interactivity that I would need for my webzine and looks as though it is similar to what I initially had in mind when I conceptualised my webzine.16990260_10208763753594589_1087277811_o.jpg

This is how people are going to be greeted into my website and I plan to do this because I dont wan’t them to be bombarded with information as soon as they go on the website. I think it’s daunting when websites do that and especially for a webzine I feel simplicity is a much more effective way. 16990650_10208763851117027_1065722135_oI want to set my articles out in a kind of tiled mosaic way with an image and maybe some text that appears when you scroll over it. Again, this is a way to keep things simple yet effective.

Because this is just a test sight I am just testing the waters of wordpress and the potential that it has. My actual webzine will most likely not look anything like this. But I want to familarise myself with the software and how it can be used.

Unit 9, 1.1/1.2 -Analysis of Webzine/Interpretation

A webzine is essentially a magazine that is published electronically. These can be viewed on different platforms such as a computer, phone or tablet.

The main reasons for publishing Webzines as apposed to traditional methods is because they are far more flexible to work with. They can be viewed by anyone at any time and can be presented without many limitations. They can provide a viewer with a much more varied experience than paper magazines because media such as video and audio can be worked into your webzine with ease. Slowly more and more media outlets are switching to online publication, or implementing it along side their standard printing. Something that is a major pro is in favour of webzines is the cost. They’re far more cheaper to produce than paper magazine. This is because you don’t have to pay for things such as printing costs, distribution costs and the costs of everyone involved in the process of producing and selling a magazine. In theory anyone could produce a webzine and host it on the internet for anyone to view. Whereas that would be a far more difficult thing to do if one person was trying to produce a magazine.

Obviously there are some draw backs to publishing a webzine. Some people feel that they are not as professional as the traditional methods of publishing, you run the risk of not being taken seriously just because some people just don’t accept this digital age. There is also a much deeper pool of competition to work against. Like I mentioned, they’re far more easier to produce which means a lot more people will be producing them. Another big draw back of publishing a webzine is the lack of physical presence. quite simply, a lot of people prefer to have a actual copy of a magazine than one they can see on there phone.


This is a photo of the German Rolling Stone webzine that’s being view on a iPad. This is something that I would aspire to create myself because it is a perfect example of why webzines are on the rise. The music that is being featured on this page is being played, which you can see at the bottom of the screen. This is a perfect example of interactivity in webzines and how you can use it to provide a much better experience for a consumer.


This is another example of a webzine I love the look of. This is Art and Culture magazine by Agata Roszkowska. What I love most about this is how stunning and effective it looks. Computers and iPad’s allow for far more vivid images and which are in my opinion far more pleasing on the eye than a standard magazine. I just feel as though if you tried to publish this physically you’d lose the aesthetic of the magazine.

The webzine that I create for my FMP will be about music, fashion, art and lifestyle. I am taking inspiration from media outlets such as Vice. In the meantime I am going to do a test site about my clothing brand ”GoldeN”. This is because I want to test my skills with wordpress’ editor and a ready made theme due to the fact I have never used it before.

I intend to make the Webzine as appealing to the eye as it is interesting to read. I’m hoping to use my research and specifically Agata Roszkowska’s work as a key bit of inspiration to aid me to make a webzine intended for portable use that utilises the technology to the best of its abilities. This doesn’t mean just interactivity, I mean aesthetically as well. Things such as utilising vibrant colours that would appear vivid and striking on a platform such as an iPad are things that people may forget about. But I wan’t to be subtle in a large and effective way.

Whilst researching webzines I have realised that there really is no limit to what you can do, but it’s important to not let get carried away. What I mean by this is you aren’t limited by things such as having a set amount of pages to fill. It is because of this that I want to pace myself and use my space effectively. It is completely justified for me to have certain parts of my webzine to have minimal content presented in a great way because really there no limited to the amount of pages I can have. Also, I don’t want to run the risk of trying to fit everything on a page and having a really small font or something like that. Some webzines can be hard to read especially if you are reading them on a phone. Utilising my space properly is crucial.

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